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Cleanse is a pure shampoo, with an impressive deep cleaning formula. We developed this shampoo for the Preparation & maintenance of all paintwork and wheels ensuring nothing is left on the surface unlike many shampoos which contain heavy amounts of polymers, Cleanse contains no gloss enhancers etc and does exactly what it was designed to do. CLEAN!


A perfect preparation step for heavily soiled maintenance washes, or the application of coatings, paint sealants, and wax.

Safe for all Vehicle Exterior Surfaces ie Paint, Plastic, Rubber, Carbon Fiber, Anodized Aluminum, Etc

Cleanse will not affect the self cleaning or water sheeting characteristics of any ceramic or wax coating, and is perfect for preparing non coated vehicles for Decontamination and correction stages as a powerful yet safe maintenance shampoo which can also be used in a foam lance as a lubricating aid during washing.

A great follow on to our foam+..

cleanse - wax and sealant safe shampoo

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  • Add 20ml to 500ml water in foam lance to presoak vehicle if desired after using foam+


    1. Using the two bucket method add 30ml to 10 litres of warm water in your wash Bucket.

    2. Allow Your chosen mitt to soak for a few minutes.

    3. Massage mitt across the surface removing any dirt and soiling from the top downwards taking care to rinse mitt after each panel in your fresh water bucket..

    4. Rinse throughly from the top down.

    5. Dry using a plush Microfibre drying towel.