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Nano Speed Wax is our super fast, easy to use hybrid spray wax utilising the latest Nano technology. Providing a Super Hydrophobic Coating that repels dirt, water and UV, leaving a glossy, durable finish.


It can be applied in minutes compared to conventional car polishes or car waxes. Easy on easy off.


Instantly bonds to wet or dry surface, making it an ideal product for both a Final spray protection for your paintwork which is both long-lasting and gives a deep lustre to your paintwork.

 Ideal for use as a drying aid reducing the need to dry your car, simply spray onto your freshly washed car and buff off with a fresh microfibre.




Shake well.

Spray on to your paintwork after your normal wash and dry routine, using one microfibre to apply


Use a second cloth and buff off any residue to leave a silky smooth protected finish.


As a drying aid, spray directly onto your wet car and use a clean microfibre drying towel and wipe dry each panel.


Nano Speed Wax - Hybrid Paint Protection