Simply+ is all about MORE cleaning performance and maximising the ‘Beading effect’ of any LSP, Wax or Ceramic on the vehicle after the wash routine. The shampoo penetrates the soiling on the surface encapsulating it with slick lubricating suds, allowing the removal of residue & ; grime from the paint surface cleanly and safely. The shampoo is designed to rinse easily and freely with a specialist agent to leave no film meaning your chosen final method of paint protection will perform better in terms of water behaviour whilst still looking its best.A Concentrated car shampoo that gives a quick and extremely efficient clean.A great follow on to our foam+..

Simply + specialist shampoo

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    1. Using the two bucket method add up to 50ml to warm water in your wash Bucket.

    2. Allow Your chosen mitt to soak for a few minutes. We recommend a little dab extra of shampoo on the mitt also.

    3. Massage mitt across the surface removing any dirt and soiling from the top downwards taking care to rinse mitt after each panel in your fresh water bucket..

    4. Rinse throughly from the top down.